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Academic Exchanges: prepare your computer account


Before following the procedure below make sure you have the confirmation e-mail you received from the Academic Exchange Office at hand, it contains the individual login data you will need.


Before coming to the University of Geneva:

 Choose and register your UNIGE password


  • To create your password, go to and click on “set or reset the password with your login and your private e-mail address.
  • This password will allow you to access most of the digital services available to you (email, student portal, UNIGE mobile application, etc.). It is personal and non-transferable.


2.    Secure your access outside the UNIGE network


  • To access the UNIGE network when working/studying outside the University (using tools such as: VPN, VDI), a strong ISIs+ security code is required (in addition to your UNIGE login and password).
  • To obtain this code you must use the UNIGE Mobile app.

2.1 Follow the instructions (Steps 1 to 3) indicated in the following document : How to install and configure the UNIGE Mobile app.

2.2 If needed (obtaining the code by text message does not work) :

a)      Request a security code by contacting the CAD. Provide them with a copy of your identity card or passport: Request the security code: Submit an issue

b)      Log on to using your UNIGE login and the security code you obtained from the CAD.

   Update your contact information (phone number, personal e-mail address).

 c)      Return to the instructions indicated in the following document (Option 2 : Scan a QR code, the prerequisite was already done) : How to install and configure the UNIGE Mobile app.


 3.    Link your UNIGE account to your SWITCH edu-ID account


  1. Create your SWITCH edu-ID account and link it to your UNIGE account

Log in to with your UNIGE login and access the "My SWITCH edu-ID account" section

  1. Click on the button** "Link my accounts" and follow the instructions.
    (**) : if the UNIGE and SWITCH accounts are already linked, the button is replaced by status: 'UNIGE account linked'






Once at the University:

Follow the many tutorials on how to install the UNIGE digital services:

Discover the UNIGE digital services:

Help and useful links :


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