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Email security


How to identify a phishing ?Send us the identified phishing cases !Vicitim of a phishing ?

- If writing is an approximate translation or suspicious

- If a request for confidential data is sent to you by email

- If you are asked to click on a hyperlink that appears known

- If the sender’s address is suspect

- If the reply-to e-mail address (@ ..... ) is suspect

Be part of your colleagues and your own safety !

Signal any problem to : or (022 37)97000

By submitting a case of phishing (
Windows or Mac) we will

be able to disable it and inform others.

Immediatly change your password ISIs :

  • students : --> "Mon UNIGE"
    "Choisir mon nouveau mot de passe ISIs"
  • employees :
    --> "Raccourcis applications" - "Changer mot de passe ISIs"
Contact the CAD (022 37)97000 to signal the problem

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