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Wi-Fi : guest-unige

For guests or attending a conference at the University of Geneva

The Wi-Fi network 'guest-unige' allows an unsecured Internet network access. No encryption method is used, so no guarantee your privacy can not be assured. You can use the Wi-Fi network, but the University of Geneva can not be held responsible for the loss of your privacy.


Note: The term 'unsecured' means that all network between your device and the wireless communications terminal run "in the clear". A malicious person is able to capture and analyze your communications. If you must provide personal information (IDs, passwords, etc ...), we recommend that you use as far as possible, secure communication protocols (https, ssh, sftp, etc ...). Any user-facilitators invited es (events, conferences, etc ...), or passing can use this network.

To use this service :

  • Connect your mobile device to the SSID 'guest-unige';
  • Make sure your browser accepts pop-up windows and javascript to run;
  • In your browser doing an HTTP / HTTPS request to any URL (eg the University website:;
  • Your request will be intercepted, and you will be directed to an e-portal where you can register and authenticate.


  • On the following page, click on the "connect" button:

  • When you first log in, you will need to register on the system. To do so, please enter your mobile number and click the "Register" button;


  • You will receive a code via SMS, you need to enter on the next screen and click the "Login" button;

  • If your code is accepted, you will be automatically redirected to the e-University website.
  • Your access code is valid for 6 months, during which you will not need to request a new code.

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