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HARPS-N Solar Telescope

Description of the HARPS-N Solar Telescope

We are operating a small solar telescope at the TNG/HARPS-N. This telescope, coupled to the HARPS-N spectrograph, takes spectra of the Sun every 5 minutes for several hours each clear day.

The HARPS-N Solar Telescope consists of a 3 inch lens coupling light from the full disk of the Sun into an integrating sphere which is then fed to HARPS-N via a fiber injected into the calibration system

Above is a photograph of the solar telescope with its side panels removed showing the optics (a 3" lens feeding an integrating sphere that is fiber-coupled to the HARPS-N calibration unit along with guide cameras to keep the telescope guiding the Sun) and the electronics including an amateur mount, surge suppression and power supplies to drive the cameras, mount and USB controls.


The first year of solar radial velocities showing rotational modulation of the observed RVs.

The first year of solar radial velocities.

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